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TBCH01 Insulated Lunch Bag Tactical Soft Cooler Bag

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  • 100% leakproof one-piece lining, large capacity holds up to 20L(30 tins of cola)
  • Insulated lunch box with 10mm thick liner to keep hot/cold up to 12 hours
  • Molle cooler bag with adjustable & detachable shoulder strap and reinforced grab handle
  • Lunch cooler tote is the perfect GIFT IDEA for men, dad, husband or boyfriend

Dimensions: 13.4"x9.1"x9.8" (LxWxH)

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To ensure you have the best experience while maximizing the life of your lunch bag/cooler backpack, please refer to the following maintenance guidelines.


Do not put ice directly into the slots to avoid piercing the waterproof material. Using ice packs is suggested for temperature remaining.

Washing Instructions

  • Washing with a mild detergent in the water below 30 degrees and dry in a cool place.
  • Don't use the detergent containing bleach or fluorescence to wash.
  • Don't put it in the washer or dryer. Don't iron it.

Important Notes

  • Avoid prolonging exposure to the sun, humidity, and stress.
  • Avoid contact with corrosive chemicals.
  • Avoid scraping sharp objects and rubbing hard objects.
  • Zipper get stuck can be applied with soap or candle to get smooth.

Customer Reviews

Based on 216 reviews
Ronald Coone
Best Small Cooler Yet

As someone who relies on a lunch bag cooler for daily use across multiple job sites, I've gone through my fair share of coolers in the past. However, I'm thrilled to say that the one I recently acquired stands out as a true standout. This lunch bag cooler is built to a higher standard than others I've used, and its impressive features make it an excellent investment.
First and foremost, the craftsmanship of this cooler is top-notch. The strong stitching and durable zippers indicate that it has been built to last. I have confidence that this cooler will withstand the rigors of daily use and provide me with long-lasting performance.
Both the interior and exterior of the cooler are crafted with strong materials, ensuring its resilience against wear and tear. The robust construction gives me peace of mind that my food and drinks will remain well-protected and at the desired temperature throughout the day. I appreciate the confidence that this cooler provides, knowing that it can withstand the demands of my busy work schedule.
In terms of size, this lunch bag cooler hits the sweet spot. It offers ample space to carry a full day's supply of food and beverages, with room to spare for any additional items I may need. I no longer have to worry about running out of space or having to cram everything into a cramped cooler. This bag strikes the right balance between portability and capacity, making it highly practical for my needs.
Cleaning this lunch bag cooler is a breeze. With a simple wipe down, it's good to go. The ease of cleaning is a significant advantage, especially when dealing with spills or messes that are inevitable during daily use. This feature adds to the overall convenience and ensures that the cooler remains fresh and hygienic.
The inclusion of a MOLLE pouch and a net side pocket is a thoughtful addition. These extra compartments provide additional storage options for small items or accessories that I may want to keep within easy reach. This convenient design feature enhances the overall functionality and versatility of the cooler, allowing me to keep things organized and easily accessible.
In conclusion, this lunch bag cooler surpasses my previous experiences with small coolers. Its sturdy construction, including strong stitching and durable zippers, gives me confidence in its longevity. The size is ideal for carrying a full day's supply with room to spare, and the easy cleaning process adds to its practicality. The MOLLE pouch and net side pocket are additional conveniences that I appreciate. If you're in need of a reliable and well-crafted lunch bag cooler, I highly recommend considering this one for your daily needs.

20L has plenty of room.

I had been looking for a new lunch box for about 2 years now. I could not find anything with outside pockets that fit items like my wallet, glasses case and chew cans. This lunch box allowed me to make my own modifications with pouches I already owned but we’re not using. The inside is large enough to put bowels and all the Scooby snacks you need.

My only problem was the include pouch. It was missing 2 molle rows. The molle system was meant to have the straps weaved between the rows causing the pouch to fit tight and not flopping around. Now this isn’t an item I planned on using in a tactical situation so it’s not that big of a deal. But it does kinda bug me that the pouch is flopping around. The photo above shows what I am talking about.

The fixed pouch in front especially needs a second zipper slider. My box hangs off the passenger seat. I have to lean and stretch across to open the pouch to get power bars or whatever I have in that pouch while driving. The included molle pouch could use a second zipper slider as well.

Based on those small things I gave it 4 stars. I am on the move most of time and eat while driving between locations so those small thing help me more. I will be using another molly pouch I have rather than the one it came with.

It comes with a secret bottle opener

Pretty decent for the price

Great lunch box

Best lunch box you’ll get looks really nice. If anything ever happens it is easily hidden

Chad Perrin
initial impressions

My ratings are suspect; I've had it for a day or so, and have barely used it, but I did try sticking stuff in it and getting a feel for it. After 2023-05-4, I expect to have more information and certainty of my conclusions to add.

It seems functional and serviceable. The size is great for my purposes, which include being able to stick two 10" cylindrical glass water bottles into it with plenty of room for ice packs and some additional items.

The dog tag style bottle opener is excellent. The stitching seems decent, but not industrial-strength. The material feels like it should stand up to typical use, including road trips and #MondayIsGunDay range days. There's no good place to hook the carabiner for the bottle opener. I tried hooking it on the MOLLE attachments as shown in the product image, but doing so caused the piece of spring for the clip to pop out, so the carabiner broke immediately.

I didn't buy it for the carabiner, but this does not seem to bode well.

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    We accept returns up to 30 days after delivery if the item is unused and in its original condition, and we will refund the full order amount minus the shipping costs for the return.

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