Is insulated lunch box good for health?

How to Choose the Best Tactical Lunch Bag?

Insulated lunch box are popular among many people because they are easy to carry. Now in the market there are a lot of insulation bag brands, do you know how to choose the best insulated lunch box cooler?


The working principle of insulation lunch box

When the temperature changes, the foil reflects the heat energy, which can reduce the influence of thermal radiation; At the same time, when the food is exposed to the conductive tin foil and thick aluminum film, it is not easy to contact with the outside, so it can maintain the temperature(hot or cool) in the insulation bag.

In addition, there is a material called PVC, which can make the thermal insulation bag look like a regular bag, which can be used everyday. But PVC material is easy to soften at high temperatures, so it is more suitable for use in ice bags.

Also, In order to keep good looking and insulation effect, there is another edible grade environmental protection material called PEVA. In addition to soft and comfortable texture, this material will not have the problem of high temperature dissolution of plasticizer, so it can be safely used.


Features of insulated lunch box:

  • Seal

This is the first consideration when choosing a thermal insulation bag. Although different brands of products seal in different ways, but sealing is the memory of food is a necessary condition for lasting preservation.

  • Keep warm and cold

Heat and cold preservation is the most basic function of thermal insulation bag. It is a kind of bag with short-term thermal preservation effect, which can keep cold/heat.

  • Durable

Thermal insulation bag has superior impact resistance, is not easy to break under heavy pressure or impact, will not leave scratches.


You may need such an insulated lunch box. This is tactical lunch box.


- One-piece lining for 100% leakproof
- Large capacity holds up to 10L(18 tins of cola)
- Insulated with 8mm thick liner to keep hot/cold up to 7-8 hours with PEVA insulated lining
- Military MOLLE webbing at the front, back, and right side
- Adjustable & detachable shoulder strap and reinforced grab handle


Get this cooler backpack here: 


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